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Fall Sports Season Begins with Exciting Assembly

This year's fall sports assembly has come and gone, and as the first assembly of the year it was amazing. All of the wonderful events and teams that were presented made everyone hyped.   The great teams that had been presented were Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Cross Country, Swim and Dive, and Golf. Each team brought joy and excitement to all the students and teachers. “This y…

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Tahtiana Hatchett

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    NBA Off-Season
    Some avid fans may argue that this 2019 NBA off-season was one of the most entertaining off-seasons in recent history. P
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    Surviving the Summer Heat
    No matter where they live, the only adjective that comes to mind when people think of Arizona is hot. Us here in the sun
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    The 25 Person Playlist
    In the hunt for new music I made the decision to ask 25 people in the senior class to put two songs that were relatively
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    Shark Attacks on the Rise
    Hawaii News Now announces, “California man, 65, dead after shark bite in Maui.” Since the start of the year, there h
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    Road Work Ahead? Uh, Yeah, Now it Does
    Anyone with a car, has driven in a car, or has eyes knows how bad roads can get. Potholes and cracks litter the street.
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    2018-2019 School Year Comes to Close
    It’s finally the time that students and teachers have all been waiting for. Students are restlessly studying all night



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Editorials and Profiles

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    VSCO Girl Takeover
    Over the summer, VSCO girls seemed to have taken the world by storm. VSCO girls are better described as Tumblr girls of
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    The PT Phở Express Experience
    It is the 2019-2020 school year at Thunderbird High School and this means that food reviews are starting anew! The edito
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    Do Shooter Games Make You a Serial Killer?
    With the current United States political climate being as polarized and aggressive as it is, both sides of the spectrum
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    PTSD Country-Wide
    In 2019, the United States has experienced 255 mass shootings and we are only on day 235 (?) of this year. Every day, th
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    Kool-Aid Hair Dye Isn’t so Cool
    Remember the trend in 2014 where the Pinterest girls would dye their hair with Kool-Aid? So do I, because I was one of t
  • The Amazing Madi Peterson
    Determined. Dedicated. Kind. Three words that perfectly describe sophomore Madisyn Peterson. Madi is an all-honors stude

Focus On...

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    Dear Abby: Self-Care
    Dear Abby,  I always hear people talking about “self-care” and “treating myself,” but I honestly don’t know w
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    Mental Health During School
    Your mental health is one of the most important things to keep track of. With school starting, many seem to be so focuse
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    How to Balance School and Life
    The overwhelming feeling of stress is not a foreign concept to most students. The stress from life activities, family, h
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    The Florida Man Phenomenon
    The famous meme “Florida Man” are actual news stories in the state of Florida. These crazy stories seem unrealistic,
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    In Memory of Mr. Clements
    At the beginning of the school year, in September, one of our dearly beloved teachers, Mr. Joseph Clements, passed away.
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    What the Health?
    What the Health is a Netflix documentary that shows the shocking truths about food. It is an hour and thirty-two minutes

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