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“Code Vein:” A Refreshing RPG

With the 2016 conclusion of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s beloved and acclaimed Dark Souls series, many fans were left with a hole that they may be struggling to fill. However, there are many ways to experiment with the Souls-like formula and many games like it are sure to come and fill the void at some point as many already have even if a large sum of such are far more forgettable than the original. Rece…

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James Ames-Spears

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    America’s Most Haunted House
    Spooky Season is finally here! That means pumpkins, Halloween, chilly weather , and of course, haunted houses! What bett
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    Impossible Burger at Burger King: Is It Worth the Hype?
    Burger King recently partnered with Impossible Foods to create the Impossible Whopper, a vegetarian spin on the classic
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    The Arizona State Fair
    Are you bored and don’t know how to spend the afternoon? Go to the state fair with friends or family. The state fair h
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    School on Your Computer
    Online school is exactly how it sounds. It’s when you do school, but online! Online school started in 1986. They allow
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    NFL Weeks 1-3
    The start of the NFL season has come and gone and has left fans with a good feeling in their stomach. With all of the of
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    Did They See Them Aliens?
    What has driven millions of people to sign up to “storm” Area 51, the U.S. government’s military base?



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Editorials and Profiles

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    The Importance of Exercise
    Exercise. What a controversial topic for many, especially adolescents. Some teens love it, while others despise it. Beli
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    Calculator Battles: TI 84 vs. HP Prime
    There is a rift between students attending Thunderbird High School. The superior students that walk the hallways of this
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    Dear Abby
    Dear Abby,  You always give such great advice to other people. How does it feel to have random people trusting you with
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    Four Year Varsity Athlete Brighton Solheim
    As a student and athlete, Brighton Solheim surpasses all expectations, not only on the gym floor but also academically.
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    Phones in Class: What’s the Sitch?
    How much can a phone really affect students’ learning in class? As any student would notice, at the beginning of the s
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    VSCO Girl Takeover
    Over the summer, VSCO girls seemed to have taken the world by storm. VSCO girls are better described as Tumblr girls of

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