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Road Work Ahead? Uh, Yeah, Now it Does

Anyone with a car, has driven in a car, or has eyes knows how bad roads can get. Potholes and cracks litter the street. It doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t look good. Everyone who attends Thunderbird High School and any parents who drop their kids off knows that the Thunderbird road was in a horrible condition. Thankfully, road work was done to this crumbling road and now it’s as smooth as a…

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Morgan Jones

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The Year in Review

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    The Florida Man Phenomenon
    The famous meme “Florida Man” are actual news stories in the state of Florida. These crazy stories seem unrealistic,
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    In Memory of Mr. Clements
    At the beginning of the school year, in September, one of our dearly beloved teachers, Mr. Joseph Clements, passed away.
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    What the Health?
    What the Health is a Netflix documentary that shows the shocking truths about food. It is an hour and thirty-two minutes
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    Keeping up with the Conspiracies
    Everyone knows about conspiracy theories, but this time it’s surrounding historical items and challenging those ideas.
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    Mommy Dead and Dearest
    In 2017, HBO released the documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest. In 1991, a healthy girl named Gypsy Rose was born. For alm
  • Image
    Free Solo: The Amazing Feat
    Have you ever imagined yourself inches away from falling to your death for nearly four hours? If you’re an average hum

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