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The Year in Review

Keeping up with the Conspiracies

Everyone knows about conspiracy theories, but this time it’s surrounding historical items and challenging those ideas.

This documentary series is called Conspiracies and is on the streaming app Netflix. It starts out with an episode about Nazis, the infamous political party. This whole episode challenges the idea of Hitler’s death and how the government is spending Nazi gold they found.

The series ends up building on this entire conspiracy. They discuss major topics such as the royal family, the Cold War, aliens, assassination, and more. In a later episode in the series discusses the famous musician Jim Morrison, and it involves his death and how it was covered up.

This series, though some episodes aren’t believable, go into great detail about each topic and brings up very good points about each conspiracy. If you’re looking for an interesting documentary series, I recommend this one. It’s thrilling, enticing, and worth the watch.