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Performing Arts Takes on Disneyland

Every two years, the Performing Arts department goes on a trip to celebrate the year. This year, Band and Theater decided to visit Disneyland!

At Disney, if you have a certain amount of people in your school group, you can take a workshop. This year, Band was invited to march down Main Street and Theater had the pleasure of working backstage. “It was a fun time and I’m so glad I got to perform,” Justin Bautista, sophomore, tells us.

On the first day in Disney, the groups got to walk around and ride rides until they had their call time for their workshops. Band had to meet up and walk backstage with a cast member. The cast member took them behind the scenes and they got to warm up, just like the Disneyland Marching Band. “Out of all the experiences I’ve had with band, this was one of the most memorable ones,” Abbi Mcilroy, senior, says. Then, the band had the honor of marching down Main Street. The band started right by “It’s a Small World” and marched towards “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” on the left side of Main Street. “Marching down Main Street gave me such a rush, it was exhilarating,” Corbin Kuntz, senior, explains. It was an amazing experience for them and they got to show off how hard they work!

Theater had a similar experience. A cast member got to take them backstage. They had the chance to work with a trained Improvisational actor. The group got to learn all about improv and got to play games. They got the chance to learn new ways to act with improvisation and they learned new games that they can use all the time. “It was so much fun and a good learning experience,” Erin Johnson, junior, says.

Overall, the Disneyland trip was fun and worthwhile. Congratulations to Band and Theater for getting the chance!