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Students Prepare for the 4th Quarter

On Monday, March 25th, Thunderbird students returned to school after a restful and much-needed spring break. It’s now the 4th quarter, and students are preparing to show off how much they grew over the course of the year through the annual and dreaded end-of-the-year exams. Also, sports players here at Thunderbird are also getting ready to wrap up their seasons with a bang.

Freshman, Pierson Beveridge states, “I think testing was a good way to challenge my abilities and I’m glad my teachers prepared me. I’m excited to see my growth through my annual AzMerit tests.”

Sophomore, Kennedi Cowles quotes, “Although the AzMerit tests were very hard and stressful, I’m glad we got out early. Getting out early helped me to be nice and refreshed for the next day of testing.”

In these upcoming weeks, Thunderbird students have an abounding amount of tests of all sorts that they are expected to perform their very best on. Tests such as AzMerit, AIMS, ACT, SAT, PBA, and finals for all different classes will occur. Teachers are doing their best to fully prepare students by teaching them testing strategies and reviewing content over the year. The good thing is, students do have four half days, which will hopefully get us through the AzMerit, ACT, and AIMS tests.

Freshman, Megan Boyle said, “I feel prepared for my classes this quarter, but I’m somewhat nervous to take finals. Luckily, my teachers prepared me for all of my tests.”

Spring sports such as Tennis, Track & Field, Softball and Baseball are coming to an end here at Thunderbird. Our athletes are training extra hard and playing their very best to finish the season as best as they can.

Varsity softball coach, Mr. Mickelson quotes, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” This goes to prove how hard the Softball team is working to finish up the season strong.

Overall, the Thunderbird community is more than excited to start summer break, but we must finish off this year strong by performing our very best on the numerous tests and sporting events. Let’s take on 4th quarter!