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Girls’ Tennis Ends 2019 Season

Currently, the Girls’ Tennis team has been dominating the opposition, achieving a perfect record so far and the Chiefs want to continue doing so.

Last we left off, the girls attained a 9-0 victory over the Glendale Cardinals and were preparing themselves for their next home game against North Canyon High School. On April 2nd, 2019 the Chiefs hosted the North Canyon Rattlers at home. While the Rattlers did their best to topple the Chiefs off of their pedestal, they were no match for the girls, achieving a perfect 9-0 victory over North Canyon High School. Two days later, the Chiefs traveled to Moon Valley High School to face off with the Rockets. Once again, the opposition was no match for the Chiefs, achieving another perfect 9-0 victory.

On April 8th, 2019, the girls hosted Greenway High School at home and were determined to send the Demons back home. At the end of the match-up, the Chiefs claimed victory over the Greenway Demons, the match’s result being 6-3. A day later, the Chiefs hosted Shadow Mountain High School at home and continued their winning streak, defeating the Matadors in a perfect 9-0 victory. In the season’s penultimate round, the girls traveled to Paradise Valley High School, determined to continue their perfect season. In the end, the Chiefs accomplished this goal, defeating the Trojans in an 8-1 victory.

On April 16th, 2019, the girls had their last tennis match of the season. Their opponent was Notre Dame Preparatory and they have a phenomenal record of 13-0, matching that of the Chiefs. The girls, while giving their all and fighting hard, the Notre Dame Saints came out on top. The Saints defeated the Chiefs in a landslide 0-9 victory.

While the Chiefs lost their last tennis match of the 2019 season, the girls are still proud of themselves. They achieved a record of 13-1, resulting in a ranking of first in the Division II Section I standings as well as a sixth place ranking in the Division II standings. These are major achievements and the Chiefs are ready for their next major challenge: fighting in the championships!

The girls are moving on to the playoffs and their first obstacle is Seton Catholic Preparatory. On April 23rd, 2019, the Chiefs welcomed the Seton Catholic Sentinels for the first match in the state playoffs. The girls were full of adrenaline. The athletes’ friends and families were outside supporting them in the sweltering Arizona heat. While the Sentinels put up a good fight, the Chiefs ultimately won the match achieving a perfect 5-0 victory over Seton Catholic Preparatory. On April 30th, 2019, the girls prepared themselves to face their next opponent: Prescott High School. The girls traveled to the school and were ready to come out as the victors once more. However, the Prescott Badgers were unwilling to give the team the win. Unfortunately, the Badgers defeated the Chiefs in a 3-5 victory for Prescott High School.

The 2019 season for the Thunderbird Girls’ Tennis team was full of success. While they didn’t advance further into the playoffs, the team is happy with the season. Now, their only focus is to prepare themselves for the 2020 season.