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Thunderbird’s Very Own Mr. Graybeal

Our own school has very extravagant choir and orchestra concerts, but who puts them on? Well, Mr. Graybeal, the well-known musician at our school, does!

Dana Graybeal was born in Burlington, North Carolina, but moved to Arizona in 1968. He went to school at Cortez High School and was very involved with the performing arts. He then went to college at Grand Canyon University and got his Bachelor’s in Music. After that, Graybeal decided he wanted to continue his love for music and got his Master’s degree in Music Theory and Composition.

Mr. Graybeal began teaching at Thunderbird High school in 1995. Since then he has taught here for over 23 years! Besides teaching, he also conducts the Phoenix College Orchestra and sings in the Phoenix Symphony Chorus. On top of that, he has won an “AriZoni” award for his dedication to the theatre.

Mr. Graybeal is a man of many talents and has a lot of experience. He is always on top of everything and we can’t wait to have him teaching here again next year!