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What the Health?

What the Health is a Netflix documentary that shows the shocking truths about food. It is an hour and thirty-two minutes of information and some delightful humor that will make you ditch animal products and pick up a salad. It reveals shocking information that most people did not know about the government, big businesses, and farms.

It discusses scientific data suggesting that eating animal products is bad for your health. The Cancer Society and the Diabetes Association are funded by the very companies that profit from the sale of animal products. Not only are organizations and big businesses in on secretly hurting the population, but the way that animals are processed for food is both cruel for the animals and the people who consume these products. The animals are raised on unhealthy food that is cheap to buy and fattens them up quickly. There are often dead animals lying around others in cramped, awful conditions. These are the cows you’re eating in your hamburgers. These large farms that are run by these large corporations and businesses are located in communities that poor people live nearby who are being affected by the chemicals from the farms. These chemicals get into their water supplies. Because the large societies that are supposed to be fighting diseases are funded by the large food corporations, they suppress the data that shows that animal products are bad.

This is a great documentary that sheds light on a topic that is not looked at very often. I recommended this documentary if you want to make a change in your diet and want to learn more about how to do this.