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Cage The Elephant Drops a New Album

Since 2008, the band Cage The Elephant has been dominating the alternative music genre. With four popular albums, the band was finally ready to release a new one called Social Cues.Image result for cage the elephant

The first single on the album is called Ready To Let Go and was released on January 28th. The song already became a sensation. After the first release, the band came out with three other singles, Night Running, House Of Glass, and Goodbye. The album was released on April 19th, 2019. It has songs on it such as Broken Boy, Social Cues, Skin and Bones, and more. The songs are all deeply rooted with meaning and shows what one of the singers is experiencing.

Lead singer Matt Shultz is currently going through a divorce with his former wife Juliette Buchs. Matt has written a few songs that tell his audience what he is feeling and going through.The album contains love songs, which is ironic considering what Matt is undertaking. With the song Love’s The Only Way, it goes through the motions of his relationship, starting out sweet but then turning toxic and negative. Many songs on this album start this way, but a few songs also show that Matt is over the issue and letting go. For example, one of the singles Ready to Let Go is all about letting go.

This album is full of nuance and meaning. It changes the sound of the bad and creates a new sense of what they will write next.