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2018-2019 School Year Comes to Close

It’s finally the time that students and teachers have all been waiting for. Students are restlessly studying all night for exams and are anxiously awaiting summer break. It’s the end of the year and the Thunderbird community is thrilled to get a nice and relaxing two months off of school. As much fun as the Thunderbird community has had this year, it is always good to have some time to unwind and rejuvenate for the following year.

The fourth quarter is a wonderful time of the year, but this time also means that grades are closing. Thunderbird students are working and studying extra hard to succeed on assessments in each class that will reflect how much they grew throughout the course of the year. Luckily, students have just finished AzMerit state testing, which means there are a few more tests to take. SAT and ACT testing is completed as well. Other exams such as CRTs, PBAs, and finals still have to be completed. Alyssa Kirk, freshman, states, “Having to take all the tests in the span of a week really stressed me out, but I am pleased with how I did.”

It’s definitely hard to stay focused in class, especially with summer break just around the corner, but it’s crucial for students to stay engaged in class at all times. Once grades close on May 22nd, summer break begins. Jaylie Watson, freshman, states, “For summer I will be traveling to San Diego with my best friend to see Billie Eilish!” Hopefully students and teachers have a relaxing and stress-free break. The Thunderbird community can’t wait to start another amazing school year.