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James Charles’ Sisters Tour Receives Backlash for Overpriced Tickets

James Charles, makeup artist and YouTuber, has become “one of the most   influential internet personalities of this current generation,” says AXS.com. His popularity first began after becoming the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl.  This was a huge deal because CoverGirl never had a male ambassador representing them before. This shows the social acceptance of today’s generation.

The YouTuber announced his Sisters live tour, with tickets going on sale since April 26th. The beauty vlogger will be coaching twenty five cities in the United States. His tour starts on June 28th. The sessions include makeup tutorials, Q&A sessions, and music.

Prices start at $59. VIP packages with meet-and-greets and early access to vendors start at $250. “However, fans sounded off that the tour was charging $500 for [the top tier Sister] VIP packages,” claims GayStarNews.com. This package includes a pre-show meet-and-greet as well as a gift bag full of costly makeup items. These prices angered many fans for they were outlandishly expensive.

After receiving a ton of backlash, James tried to change prices, “but because of contracts with the venues, it was not possible.” Instead, he made sure the meet-and-greet was more accessible and ensured that the highest ticket was worth the price. The updated prices include “meet-and-greet tickets that  will now start at $99 with a standard VIP ticket, whereas fans previously had to buy a $250 VIP Plus ticket in order to meet James. General admission tickets are $52.50 (down slightly from an initial $59), which does not include a meet-and-greet,” stated TubeFilter.com.

“I’m sorry I can’t make everyone happy,” Charles tweeted. “I’m trying my best.” Even with him making some modifications to the prices of his tickets, Charles’ tour prices are still quite overpriced.