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Road Work Ahead? Uh, Yeah, Now it Does

Anyone with a car, has driven in a car, or has eyes knows how bad roads can get. Potholes and cracks litter the street. It doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t look good. Everyone who attends Thunderbird High School and any parents who drop their kids off knows that the Thunderbird road was in a horrible condition. Thankfully, road work was done to this crumbling road and now it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Before the magical day that should go down in history, the day construction started, the roads were so bumpy. There were cracks and potholes and pieces of road all over. It made the drive to school, a place that most students already aren’t necessarily very fond of, a horrible start to the students’ day. Any student that decided to wake up early to get a coffee or a drink to start the day could kiss those treats goodbye. They had to hold onto their cups with their lives so that they didn’t spill. A cup without a lid was not even an option or else it would lead to their ultimate demise and also a stain in their car.

Parents were also affected. Not every child drives themselves to school every day. Parents had to ride down the road of despair. Students who walk to school had to look at the grey, sad road every day. It was finally decided that that road needed a fix up.

Construction did not take super long. It was about a week of work. The construction did, however, cause some students to be late to school when it first happened because students did not know about it and it caused some traffic back-up. The first day or so, the students were excused from being late, but after that they should have known what masterpiece was being made. Students had to wake up a little earlier than usual and leave the house a little earlier too, but it was well worth it.

The road was very noticeably different after the construction. So noticeable, in fact, that it was the buzz of the school. Everyone really appreciated the new work, including Trenton Mason, sophomore, who said, “The road is so much better now. It used to be pretty bad and wasn’t fun to drive on.”

After the road work was finished and all of the cones and signs had left, a new and improved road was revealed. It is a black, smooth cloud and a total dream to drive on. No more ugly potholes and bumpy trips. The community welcomes this road work and new street with open arms.