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Steve Harvey Pops Up Around Campus

Have you been noticing many smiling faces peering out from odd places? Well, the mysterious Steve Harvey pictures have been hung up around the school looking for attention.

“We don’t know exactly who has been putting these pictures up, but we know that the pranksters have ‘attacked’ as much of the school as they possibly could,” clamors one student. Sources say that there is more than one student taping these pictures up, and they may be collaborating or working together towards one goal. These pranksters repeatedly find witty places to hide these Harvey pictures. These students have put time and work into the prank, going as far as to make their own Dr. Phil ‘Go to the ranch’ pictures. Now, for the first time ever, one of these mysterious mischief makers has come in to shed some light on the subject.

“We wanted to lift the students’ morale in these last few hard weeks,” says the anonymous student. “I know how hard these last weeks can be, so I got a group of accomplices with me and we started to plan,” the student adds. Apparently, the group had planned weeks ahead for this prank, going as far as to map out good spots in the school to hide the Harveys.

“It would have been really hard had I been alone, and at first it was simply just a friend and I, but once we started to tape more people started lending a hand,” the student adds with a smile. The group clearly had no ill intentions when they planned the prank, going as far as to hope their pranks bring a smile on the faces of those who need it. “Morale can do wonders, and something funny always helps more than something inspirational. That was the thought that we all had when hanging up the pictures,” the group claimed.

For now, the students that were the masterminds behind this Harvey storm will remain anonymous, and although one of them has come to spread some light on the subject, they were simply “explaining the tip of the iceberg.” Who are these ‘Harvey bombers’ and where will they attack next?