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Who’s Your Favorite Avengers Character?

2019 is the year that has concluded the end of an era. Avengers: Endgame was released on April 22. After the ending of such a beloved movie franchise, a debate has sparked: Who is the best Marvel character of all time? All Marvel characters have some defining characteristics. For example, Iron Man has the ability to fly and extreme durability. Thor obtains strength, speed, endurance, and resistance to injury. Although Iron Man and Thor are incredible characters, Spider-Man takes the gold.

To begin, Spider-Man is relatable. His life is not revolved around his superpowers, unlike other superheroes. He is still enrolled in high school despite his undeniably extraordinary abilities. Peter Parker has girl and money problems, anxiety, and trouble with cruel bullies. He is an everyday, normal person. This aspect causes the viewer to develop an extreme attachment to the character. It is as if Peter Parker is a real person, not just a fictional character created by the brilliant Stan Lee. Student, Nick Salinski, said, “The settings are real and (for me) the character feels real. Peter Parker was always a real person to me. The stories felt like they were actually happening. This is something that was real to me.”

Along with being relatable, Spider-Man is not unconquerable. Spider-Man is not indestructible. He can bleed if he’s stabbed. He can bruise if he is punched. Basically, he can feel pain. Many superheroes, such as Superman, are immortal. This greatly weakens the movie’s plot. It loses the thrill because everyone knows Superman will always beat the villain. But with Spider-Man, for example, no one knows if he obtains the ability to destroy Thanos with his abilities. This easily adds thrill and suspense to all Spider-Man movies. Comic Vine stated, “His victories are hard fought through guile and effort.”

Although, opposers may disagree. Many people argue that Iron Man is the best and most powerful, but Spider-Man has insane capabilities. Peter Parker has superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, danger-sense, webbing, adhesion, and immediate healing power. All of those are unexplainably amazing powers for just one person to obtain.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” said Peter Parker. Along with Peter Parker’s morality and outstanding superpowers, it is undeniable that he is the best Marvel character of all time.