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Joe Biden Announces Bid for Presidency

Former Vice President Joe Biden just recently announced his candidacy for President and he has already become the top contender for the Democratic nomination. He is the 20th candidate to enter the presidential race.

Unfortunately, Biden has already hit a few bumps in his campaign. With many people bringing up the #MeToo movement, many people want him to discuss his actions of the past.

Thankfully, Biden has immediately picked up endorsements from some Democratic senators, including some from his home town of Delaware. According to npr.org, “Biden is also being backed by moderate Democratic senator. Doug Jones of Alabama and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.”

Biden understands that this will not be an easy race. “No matter who runs, it’s a very difficult campaign,” Biden told presidential historian Jon Meacham. “The primary will be very difficult and the general election, running against President Trump, I don’t think that he’s likely to stop at anything, whomever he runs against.”

This isn’t Joe Biden’s first time running for President. In 1988 he tried but failed due to plagiarism. He then again ran in 2008, losing the presidency but being chosen by then President Barack Obama.

This race will be more than difficult, but all the candidates are ready. It will be an interesting year and we will see where it leads!