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Political Upheaval Continues in Venezuela

Conflicts between the opposition supporters and pro-government proponents have further taken the streets as rebellion, protests, and violence are becoming the major contributions in Venezuela’s critical status as a nation. Two days of riots and opposition in Caracas and La Victoria prove to be a display of how tumultuous the country has become.

According to Greg Norman of Fox News, the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict reported that four people are dead. Additionally, about 205 people were imprisoned and another 230 people were left injured during the mayhem, according to activists of human rights.

Meanwhile, Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader of Venezuela, exhorted the employees to strike in order to provoke Nicolás Maduro. In addition, Guaidó demanded for the military to go against Maduro. Both, however, didn’t appear to gain any attention as the streets remained chaotic.

Despite the lack of response, some protesters aren’t phased by the lack of commitment from the military. One protestor, Beatriz Pino, even states that the lack of military commitment can be traced back to the politicization of the military by Hugo Chavez when establishing socialism. She continues by claiming her support of the opposition, declaring that “we [the protestors] can’t leave the streets.”

BBC also reported the foreign responses over the calamity. The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a claim that Maduro was ready to flee the country, a claim that Maduro himself would deny and indict the United States of formulating a coup. Pompeo would also say that the United States could also be involved militarily in order to stop the catastrophe.

Directed to Pompeo, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that not only was the American influence in Venezuela “a violation of international law” but also “destructive.”

Although conflicts between supporters of Guiadó and Maduro will likely continue, UN Secretary General António Guterres and The European Council (EU) have called for either the avoidance of violence or the restraint of any escalating tension within Venezuela.