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The Amazing Madi Peterson

Determined. Dedicated. Kind. Three words that perfectly describe sophomore Madisyn Peterson. Madi is an all-honors student here at Thunderbird and if that’s not enough, Madi is involved in sports.

Madi attended Lookout Mountain Elementary and Mountain Sky Jr. High. Before high school, she played club soccer, ran track, and played basketball for her school teams. Currently, Madi plays varsity basketball for Thunderbird. Along with that, she is taking all honors core classes. She is taking Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors English, AP World History, Spanish 3-4, and Art 3-4. 

As you can imagine, Madi is a very busy teenager, but she never fails to make time for her friends and family. A close friend of Madi, Emily Spellman, sophomore, states, “Madi is one of the most kind-hearted people I know. She always puts others first, making sure others are happy before herself. She has become one of my closest friends and I’ve gotten to learn a lot about her. She always works hard, not only in her classes, but in life. Madi is constantly striving to be better, improving herself in every which way.”

Being involved in so much is not always easy, but always worth it for Madi. To balance her busy schedule out, she has an after-school routine that helps her manage her time to ensure she gets all of her work done. After school, when she gets home from basketball, she finishes her homework and chores, visits her friends if she has time, then gets ready for bed. On the weekends, she dedicates Saturday to getting all of her school work complete and Sunday for hanging out with friends. On her little free time, Madi enjoys visiting her friends, playing with her dog Sadie, making art, and playing sports. To help push through her tough days, Madi always says, “It’s just a bad and stressful day, not a bad life. Overall, I’m doing so many positive and beneficial things in my life.”

All of Madi’s hard work throughout high school hopes to send her out-of-state for college, or maybe even to the University of Arizona. Here, she wants to study to become a genetic counselor.

By now, you can probably tell that Madi is no ordinary student. She pushes herself every day to become the best version of herself. Her piece of advice to all of you is, “Get involved. Push yourself as far as you can because in high school, you want to have fun by hanging out with your friends and at the same time, being able to push yourself with as many honors classes and activities that you can handle. Doing this will create a well-rounded and full high school experience. During adulthood, you won’t have as much time to have fun, so take advantage of what high school has to offer.” It’s exciting to see what Madi will accomplish in the next couple of years. Students like Madi are a constant reminder to stay motivated, humble, and to never give up.