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Cross Country Takes Off as 2019 Season Starts

Feel like running from your insecurities? Perhaps going on a light jog with the Cross Country team for Thunderbird would be the right fit for you. This amazing team works together to run, win, and grow as students as well as athletes. 

Here are some heartwarming explanations as to why some members joined the team. “I don’t know,” clamors the well-known problem child Alex Chischilly with a confused look on his face. Many other team members seemed to not know the exact reason why they joined. “Why would you quote me? Find someone else,” stammers Luke Walker before Briana Kane popped in to give a helpful quote. “I joined because of all the great things we do,” she explains with an enthusiastic spark. “There is a lot of good people on the team and I really enjoy running with them.” 

Not only is the team friendly but the coaches are as well. Coach Carl Riney and Coach Egan greatly enjoy their team. “I’m coaching because I love the kids, I love running, and I love Thunderbird,” Riney says happily.

In order to run, these athletes must beat the heat so they can practice. “We do run outside after school, however, most times we have to run  because of the sun,” an anonymous team member informs while shaking their head. “I really enjoy it though, it helps you de-stress after a long day of school,” she adds with a smile. The Thunderbird Cross Country team is ready to not only beat the heat but also other rival schools. “We’re going to triumph this year. I can feel it!” another athlete says enthusiastically before taking off to run.











Life is short. Running makes it seem longer. So, if you have ever wanted to join Cross Country, today is a day. It is, in‌ ‌fact, one hill of a sport.