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NBA Off-Season

Some avid fans may argue that this 2019 NBA off-season was one of the most entertaining off-seasons in recent history. People are even saying that the off-season was more exciting then the season itself, except for the NBA Finals of course, which are always very entertaining. Every NBA fan had their ESPN notifications on all summer because there was so many trades and big names moving all over the league. The East and West look completely different than they did two months ago at the end of the NBA season. Out of the 24 All-Stars in 2018, only four are on the same team this coming 2019 season. Many notable franchise starts moved teams and conferences in hopes of new beginnings and a championship.

Some of the most notable players will be listed here as well as the team they went to:

  • Kemba Walker agrees to a four-year deal with the Celtics
  • Kevin Durant signs a four-year deal with the Nets
  • Kyrie Irving signs a four-year deal with the Nets
  • Deandre Jordan signs with the Nets
  • Derrick Rose signs a two-year deal with the Pistons
  • Jimmy Butler signs four-year deal with Miami
  • Al Horford signs a deal with the 76ers
  • D’angelo Russel signs four-year deal with the Warriors
  • Klay Thompson resigns with the Warriors
  • Russel Westbrook requests a trade and is traded to the Rockets
  • Chris Paul traded to Thunder
  • Lakers sign Quinn Cook
  • Pelicans acquire Zion, Lonzo, and Ingram
  • Ricky Rubio signs with the Suns
  • Rudy Gay signs with Spurs

The Suns were projected to go very hard in the off-season, but under new coaching and with a new front office, they didn’t get as much as people would have liked. The Suns drafted Cam Johnson, a power forward out of North Carolina with the 11th pick, and also drafted Ty Jerome, a point guard out of Virginia with the 24th pick. These moves looked good for the Suns as they are promising rookies with big upsides. The Suns also signed Ricky Rubio and Frank Kaminsky to two-year deals in hopes of being able to make the playoffs this year. The Suns were unfortunately unable to re-sign Troy Daniels and TJ Warren. Overall, with all the Suns’ off-season moves they are projected to be the 8th or 9th seed in the West.

This off-season was one of the most historic and crazy of all time. Plenty of moves were made that completely reshaped the NBA and added balance back to the league. Fans are very excited for this upcoming NBA season and can’t wait to see what’s in store.