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The 25 Person Playlist

In the hunt for new music I made the decision to ask 25 people in the senior class to put two songs that were relatively unknown into two separate playlists that were titled to indicate a particular type of music in them. The playlist names included: Perfect Way to Start the Day, Workout Hype Mix, In Your Feelings, Songs to Scream To, and Songs that Motivate and Excite. After receiving the 50 songs, I reviewed them and quickly discovered that the titles had vastly different meanings for each person who was asked to contribute. While most of the songs were surprisingly good, they didn’t mesh well together within the playlists they had been placed under-one song would be hard rock, and the next over would be a solemn, tear-inducing track. So, after reviewing the songs again carefully, I picked out (in my opinion) the 35 best songs and separated them into segments that would fit the songs best for their genre of music and overall vibe, then placed all of the songs into a coherent order that would flow well from one mood into another. The new playlist order would go from Happy Mornings, to Soft Vibin’, to Hard Vibin, to Heartbreak, to Rap Workout, and finally to Alternative Rock. A list of the songs is down below.


  • “Shotgun”-George Ezra
  • “Hazel”-Roy Blair
  • “Good Morning”-Kanye West
  • “Karma Chameleon”-Culture Club
  • “Cannibal Queen”-Miniature Tigers
  • “One Day”-Logic
  • “10 Thousand Hours”-Macklemore
  • “100 Degrees”-Rich Brian
  • “Burn the House Down”-AJR

Soft Vibes

  • “Sanctuary”-Joji
  • “Pursuit of Happiness”-Kid Cudi
  • “Pothole”-Tyler, the Creator
  • “School High”- Pro Era
  • “Pretty Girl”-Felly
  • “See you Again”-Tyler, The Creator
  • “Rain”-Graham Riley

Hard Vibes

  • “Brothers”-Kid Cudi
  • “Riot”-Trippie Redd
  • “Milk and Sugar”-Felly 
  • “Single for the Summer”-GYYPS
  • “Faucet”-Earl Sweatshirt


  • “She”-dodie
  • “I Found”-Amber Run
  • “Night So Long”- HAIM
  • “Zombie”-The Cranberries
  • “Break My Heart Again”-FINNEAS
  • “Old Eden”-Honeywater
  • I Can’t Go on Without You”-Kaleo
  • “Song for Me”-Greer


  • “Money on the Side”-Hopsin
  • “Forbes”-G-Eazy
  • “Jefe”-Meek Mill
  • “Guillotine”-Death Grips
  • “Feels Alright”-Watsky
  • “All Wrong”-The Story So Far
  • “That’s What You Get”-Paramore