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The PT Phở Express Experience

It is the 2019-2020 school year at Thunderbird High School and this means that food reviews are starting anew! The editorial board this issue planned on going to the restaurant PT Phở Express as a group for the first official food review of the year. However, most were busy with their jobs and activities outside of school. Luckily, I was able to go to the restaurant on September 7th, 2019 and I brought Jennifer Alvarado, a senior friend of mine, along to help me with this review.

PT Phở Express is a recent establishment located at 13236 North 7th Street that serves Vietnamese dishes such as Bánh Mì, Phở, Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn), crispy calamari (Mực Chiên), and other delicious dishes that will make your mouth water. When we arrived at the establishment we were greeted with a spacious restaurant that was bustling with life; customers were perusing the menus, restaurant employees were taking orders, and the dishes were being served. We were seated at a table and our server Austin was very kind and respectful, letting us take our time looking over the menu. Eventually, we ordered our drinks first. I ordered a Fresh Mango smoothie with boba while Jennifer ordered Thai Tea with boba. The service didn’t waste any time getting our two drinks. After, we ordered our main dishes. I ordered a PT Phở Noodle Soup Bowl with chicken, beef, and shrimp while Jennifer ordered stir-fried egg noodles with a combination of chicken, beef, and shrimp accompanied with an assortment of vegetables. We also ordered crispy calamari as an appetizer. It took around ten to twelve minutes until our meals arrived at the table. The smell of the food was aromatic.

 We dove right in, taking our first bites of the Vietnamese masterpieces that were in front of us. Side note, I ate with chopsticks and Jennifer did an awkward combination of eating with a fork and chopsticks. What was amusing was that she didn’t know how to use chopsticks and the sight in front of me was a comedic act that made me wheeze. Anyways, the food was a blend of unbelievable flavors that made the taste buds in your mouth extremely happy. The soup of the Phở was savory, the noodles were cooked correctly and were simply divine, the beef was soft and tender, and the shrimp was to die for. 

The only downside to the Phở was the chicken for it had a rubber texture and was sometimes difficult to chew. Overall, however, the Phở was absolutely satisfying to the senses. Jennifer states that her dish, the stir-fried noodles, was “incredibly satisfying and good.” She states that the noodles were “perfect” and that the beef and shrimp were “delicious.” She did have one criticism about the chicken. Like the chicken in my Phở, the chicken in her dish was hard to chew at times. The crispy calamari was divine. It was crispy, savory, and the sweet chili sauce was a great addition to the already incredible appetizer.

Overall, we were extremely happy with what we received. Our great server Austin was an added bonus that made the experience even more pleasurable. As a result, we give PT Phở Express five out of five stars. PT Phở Express is a restaurant that has an amazing atmosphere to it. The staff was great, the food was amazing, and the environment was one that was peaceful, quiet, and lovely. If you ever want to try Vietnamese food, PT Phở Express is the restaurant for you.