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VSCO Girl Takeover

Over the summer, VSCO girls seemed to have taken the world by storm. VSCO girls are better described as Tumblr girls of 2019. VSCO is a photo editing app used by many teen and tween girls. The app is most commonly described as “aesthetically pleasing.”  Many young girls have become extremely interested with this trendy app. 

A crucial essential of a VSCO girl is owning scrunchies. VSCO girls love to wear scrunchies during all times. They can wear them in their hair, on their wrists, or put it on a lanyard. “Nothing is better than wearing five scrunchies on both wrists,” said one VSCO girl.

Along with scrunchies, VSCO girls must wear certain clothing items and brands. VSCO girls commonly wear Lululemon, Brandy Mellvile, Urban Outfitters, and oversized t-shirts. All of these brands are currently super trendy.

Not to mention, the beauty behind friendship bracelets. All VSCO girls love making custom friendship bracelets. They can produce any colors with any designs. These make out to be the perfect gifts for friends or loved ones. It is also a super fun thing to do when bored.

Now, a necessary item for any VSCO girl to own is a Hydro Flask. It can be any color or size. Hydro Flasks are very convenient. All VSCO girls carry their Hydro Flasks with them at all times. To make things even better, they can cover their water bottle in custom stickers. Many teens thinks this is a wonderful way to express their interests. 

The most important thing for VSCO girls to wear is a shell necklace. The most popular type of shell necklace is a puka shell necklace. People can buy these necklaces on Amazon or at any store on the beach. Almost all VSCO girls wear puka shell necklaces at all times.

The truth is that VSCO girls are just young girls who are just trying to have fun and be trendy. They are discovering themselves and their unique interests. Many people believe the VSCO essentials are endearing.  What is wrong with being basic if teens are having a good time?