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EOP Wednesdays

Have you ever really wondered why school starts one hour later on Wednesday? This is because all Thunderbird teachers allow students to attend EOP, or the Extended Opportunity Period. EOP occurs every Wednesday morning from eight to nine o’clock. Here, students have the opportunity to make up tests, work on homework, or get extra help on anything they’ve been struggling with. Teachers can also assign EOP to students who they feel are struggling in their class to get extra assistance.

EOP mornings are a safe and relaxed space that you should never be afraid to ask questions in. If you need help in several of your classes, you can spend a couple of minutes in each of your classrooms as long as you are at your first hour by nine o’clock. You don’t need to spend the whole hour in EOP if you don’t need to. Sahara Daley, sophomore, states, “I occasionally attend EOP for math help. It’s important to go to EOP because it gives you a chance to get caught up on assignments or to retake tests while receiving more personalized one-on-one attention from your teacher.”

There are several benefits of attending EOP. High school students are constantly busy, and EOP provides a whole hour of study time before school in whatever class you need. It’s important to remember that all teachers want their students to succeed, so if you know that you’re struggling in a certain class attend EOP and get assistance! Attending EOP will also start your day off right because getting work done in the morning will kickstart your day, plus your teachers will admire the fact that you went it on your own time to get help. There is nothing wrong with needing extra time. Please note that EOP Wednesdays are not mandatory unless they’ve been assigned to you by a teacher. Jenna Williams, sophomore, says, “I have always found EOP very helpful because I have the opportunity to ask my teachers for extra help, meaning I don’t have to go into school too early in the morning, or stay too late which would normally conflict with my extracurriculars.”

Hopefully, now you know what the purpose of EOP is. It’s time to shed some light on what an amazing program Thunderbird has to offer. As students, we are lucky to have a designated time to receive one-on-one help from our teachers. Author Stephanie Elliot states, “I think that EOP would be so beneficial to students who are struggling and need a little extra attention to make sure they’re doing what needs to be done in order to succeed in school. I wish I had an opportunity like that when I was growing up!” As high school students, we are responsible for meeting with our teachers when we know it’s necessary. Remember that EOP is a safe environment, so don’t be afraid to attend for any help you may need in any of your classes.