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Fall Sports Season Begins with Exciting Assembly

This year’s fall sports assembly has come and gone, and as the first assembly of the year it was amazing. All of the wonderful events and teams that were presented made everyone hyped.


The great teams that had been presented were Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Cross Country, Swim and Dive, and Golf. Each team brought joy and excitement to all the students and teachers. “This year’s teams had so much energy coming out and they made the students become energized as well, and seeing that reaction to all of the teams and knowing that they are being supported by the whole school shows how much Thunderbird has a lot of school spirit and support,” says Sabrina Morgan-Bozeat. 

The fall sports assembly is a great experience to not only represent Thunderbird with the great teams, but to also welcome the freshmen and show them how great Thunderbird High School is. Even with all of the great teams and school spirit, the assembly had fun great music and fun games that made the whole school sing, dance, and play along with. “The assembly was really fun. I couldn’t stop laughing at many different things, and with this being my last year here at Thunderbird, it’s good to know that each year the assemblies will get better and more,” says Juliann Cimrakl. These assemblies that happen every year are what a lot of people look forward to and it’s a lot of fun. Everyone can’t wait until the next one to see what student council will do to top this one.