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Incoming Freshmen

Unless you are unsure of how high school works, you have most likely noticed a new group of freshmen on campus. These freshmen are the class of 2023 and like all other freshmen classes, they are getting involved with activities and making changes on campus.

So far, freshmen are getting used to their classes and teachers while also participating in extracurricular activities. A freshman, Houston Hull, says, “So far, I’m really enjoying high school! I’ve been participating in marching band, and I love it.” As one can see, these freshmen are no different than other classes of freshmen.

Nevertheless, the yearly freshmen jokes which have existed for years carry over to this year’s freshmen. The class of ‘23 jokes are mostly about the students being “VSCO” girls and boys. This means that freshmen supposedly wear scrunchies, shell necklaces, owning hydroflasks, and more. These freshmen are also said to say things like “and I oop” as well as “sksksksksk.” Lili Alexander says, “I promise not all of us say ‘sksksksk’.” Another common joke is that these supposed “VSCO girls” care far too much about “saving the turtles” and will yell at anyone who uses a plastic straw. At the end of the day though, no one should take these jokes seriously as it is a high school tradition to tease the freshmen.

Some sophomores like Marley Baker and Kailey Smith are far kinder to the freshmen. Marley says, “I think that some [freshmen] are cool and pretty smart, but most of them don’t understand the high school hierarchy quite yet.” Kailey comments on how the freshmen have changed from when she last saw them, saying, “I miss the little kids I used to goof around with. They’re all so different now.” As one can see, not all students tease freshmen.

Some upperclassmen have offered their advice to freshmen. Sebastian Lebert, a senior at Thunderbird, says, “Don’t worry about what other people think of you. It’ll only distract you from focusing on the stuff you’re doing to better yourself.” The main advice one can offer is to respect other students, especially upperclassmen, and work hard in your classes.

At the end of the day, these freshmen will have a positive effect on campus and some will even become lifelong friends. You can do it freshmen!