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Volleyball is Ready for the 2019 Season

In the 2018 season, Thunderbird’s Volleyball team had a difficult year. They had an overall record of 7-10, ranked fourth in the 4A Skyline, and ranked 27th in the 4A Division. While the girls gave it their all last year, they didn’t reach the goals they set for themselves. However, the team is hoping for better outcomes in the 2019 season.

The girls have been practicing nonstop for this year’s season, pushing their physical and mental abilities to the limit. The team has been hardening and perfecting their skills for their first ever match against Mingus Union on the 3rd of September, 2019. The team has 13 players. Abigale Reardon, Brianna Boykin, Najelah Kirk, Brighton Solheim, Sloane Passey, Emma Reardon, Bailee Gardner, Riley Kaczmarowski, Abigail Cardenas, Emma Hicks, Piper Ream, Myka Salian, and Moriah Mills were ready for their first official match of the season against the Mingus Union Marauders after practicing continuously for this event. While it was an away game, the Chiefs pulled through winning their first ever match of the 2019 season, the final score being 3-1. Two days later, on September 5th, 2019, the girls had their second match of the season at Washington High School. The Chiefs continued their domination on the court, beating the Rams 3-0.

The Chiefs have been dominating their opponents, showing other high schools in the 4A Skyline that they are a powerhouse that is not to be messed with. These early victories show a bright future for the girls and they hope to continue their winning streak when they go against Poston Butte for their first ever home match of the 2019 season.