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Four Year Varsity Athlete Brighton Solheim

As a student and athlete, Brighton Solheim surpasses all expectations, not only on the gym floor but also academically. She balances AP classes while attending practices everyday after school. This will be Brighton’s last year at Thunderbird High School and her last year on the team, but she is moving onto bigger and better things. 

In max preps, Brighton has a leading 97.7 serving percentage as Thunderbird’s varsity leads 3-0. She starts as six rotation outside. This means that if she were to serve 100 balls, then 97 of them would be in the court. She is one of the team’s most consistent and powerful hitters on the team; she never leaves the court! Brighton will also be this year’s captain on the court. Not only does she return to varsity for her fourth year, she also plays club volleyball for Arizona Sky. From her career in volleyball, Brighton talks with colleges about possible scholarships to their school. 

Brighton is enrolled in many of the honors and AP classes that Thunderbird has to offer this year. She balances her work load, which makes her an outstanding student. When she first started out as a freshman on varsity, she found it difficult to balance both things in her schedule. “My freshman year, balancing the hard practices and homework was tough, but I quickly figured out a way that worked best for me that allowed me to get everything.” Brighton quickly overcame this challenge by finding a system that works for her everyday busy life. The system that Brighton explains includes how she manages her school work by managing her time and by being able to do the work on the bus or before practice. She plans out her week so she can see what needs to be done by what date. 

Though this is Brighton’s senior year at Thunderbird High School, she talks about the positive impact that playing high school volleyball has left her. “Being a student athlete is one of the best things I could have done in high school because I was able to stay busy by playing a sport I love.” Students can go to their four years of school and not be involved in anything, but even if it is a club, being a part of something leaves a lasting influence that lasts a lifetime.