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“Black Mirror”

When watching a TV show, do you enjoy having to constantly question what you’re viewing, whether it be due to the absurdity of its subject matter or its constant twists and turns? While watching TV shows do you enjoy a good laugh or a heartwarming message? These are the questions to ask if you’re considering watching the new critically acclaimed Netflix original, Black Mirror. If answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, one could very likely find enjoyment in the show as not only is it very fresh and unique, but it is both entertaining and thought-provoking as well. Frankly, there are countless reasons one could find value in it.

To begin with, when watching Black Mirror, it is very difficult to get bored or lose interest even with most of the over 20 episodes reaching a duration of roughly an hour. The reason being: not only does it frequently present many twists and turns that even the most astute could be blindsided by, but it also presents an incredible amount of variety in each episode. From subject matter to message to overall tone to color palettes, it constantly introduces unique, new, and refreshing ideas that the very talented cast provide episode after episode. One episode may be centered around a perplexing dystopian society like “15 million Merits” while the next may be a mysterious and unnerving experience like “Playtest.”

Another reason someone may appreciate this show would likely be the fact that, due to its incredible amount of variability, it accommodates a wide variety of viewers. If science fiction or comedy isn’t one’s favorite genre, they can simply watch one of the many other episodes that have vastly different tones, settings, pacing, etc. It casts a very large net and yet never will it seem as if it is trying too hard to attain a large audience, rather it feels as if the creators just happen to have an unlimited supply of creativity that anyone can appreciate. The large viewer-base is likely also bolstered by the fact that the cast tends to contain a fair amount of well-known celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Daniel Kaluuya, Anthony Mackie, Bryce Dallas, Jerome Flynn and more.

To be blunt, Black Mirror exceeds nearly all the aspects of a show that are important. Its storytelling is unique and riveting, the actors are talented and well suited to their roles, the sets are impressive, and the episodes are overall consistently enjoyable. Unless one is very sensitive to more mature material or just doesn’t like a good TV series, Black Mirror is an easy must watch for just about anyone who can appreciate a bit of mind-bending hilarity.