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Fall Candles That Smell So Good, It’s Scary!

Pumpkin, cinnamon, and flannel. Three of the best candle scents of all time are finally back in season. Most people look forward to fall for cool nights, sweaters, leaves, and pumpkins. However the best part of autumn is the seasonal candles that come along with it. In fact, fall candles are better than any other candles because they are cozy, smell amazing, and provide the fall spirit.

To begin, fall candles provide a warm and cozy feeling. During the fall season, many people light candles. Some people do it because they’re in season, while others love the warm, fuzzy feeling they provide. Nothing is better than coming home to light a pumpkin scented candle then watching a Halloween movie. Fall candles provide this amazing feeling that no summer, winter, or spring candle could give. Brittney Morgan and Michelle Manetti, well-known bloggers, said, “Along with the warm feeling fall candles give off, they also smell incredible.” There are millions of people that wait all year long to share their favorite fall candles of the year on their blogs. One blogger, Stephanie Jane, said, “I am the ultimate candle fanatic. I have candles burning all day everyday, but there is something different about fall candles. Their scents are better than any other candle scents. I enjoy them so much that I ask my husband to light my pumpkin candle so when I walk in the house, it is the first thing that catches my attention.”

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Although some opposers may disagree, numerous candle lovers express their love for summer candles. However, this is wrong because fall candles provide an autumn feeling. Summer candles only make a room smell clean. They do not set a mood. Imagine this, while lighting a favorite fall candle, you and your friends carve pumpkins, bake yummy treats, and watch scary movies. An autumn candle can bring on the rest of the events. If a flower scented candle was lit in October, who on earth would have the temptation to participate in these seasonal activities? Brittney Morgan and Michelle Manetti, well-known bloggers, said, “Vanilla bourbon, figs, pine, cinnamon sugar, cedar wood, pomegranate, and more can all add so much autumnal goodness to your home.”

Fall candles are superior to all other candles because they give off a warm feeling, smell outstanding, and give off an autumn feeling. It is undeniable that candles are the most crucial part of the season. Summer, spring, and winter candles are not comparable to fall candles.