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Fall Is Here!

Have you felt the temperature drop from 112°F to 96°F? Have you seen more and more people wear hoodies? Well, it may be because, as the title suggests, Its fall boys! 

Monday, September 23rd, is when the official season starts, marking the start of another “a-maize-ing” fall. It’s almost “unbe-leaf-able” how fast time flies, as it feels like it was just yesterday the sun was trying to bake everyone in Arizona. This means everyone can say goodbye to the cursed hundred, and hello to the brisk eighties. Fall is here to cool things down in the oven known as Arizona, but, what else can we look forward to? “Well, I can now wear plaid without being called a giant Canadian,” states Kailey Smith as other sources chant, “Spooky Season” in the background. 

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However, if you’re not “fall-ing” for fall yet, then think of all the great food that comes with it, and no, pumpkin spice lattes are too generic, get more creative. There is pumpkin pie-although multiple theories suggest that some people think it’s gross-apple pie, apple cider, and apple everything. If you still aren’t feeling the small whispers of Halloween, perhaps some spooky music will cheer you up and “leaf” a smile on your face. “Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine!” screams the well known song, setting the tone for another “boo-tiful” autumn. So, may everyone live “apple-y” ever after, knowing that autumn is here.