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NFL Weeks 1-3

The start of the NFL season has come and gone and has left fans with a good feeling in their stomach. With all of the offseason drama, to the trades and the Antonio Brown situation, It’s needless to say that NFL fans were more than excited to see what was to come with this NFL season. Some players really stood out in week one, such as Lamar Jackson, who had five touchdowns and led the Ravens to a 53-0 win over the Dolphins. Also, Julio Jones did well this week, as he had three touchdowns and had six receptions for 123 yards. Many other players had some standout games as well such as Patrick Mahomes, Marquese “Hollywood” Brown, and Bradly Chubb.

The Cardinals did decently well in week one and tied with the Lions, giving the NFL their first tie since 2016. Unfortunately, the Cardinals did not end up winning in either week two or week three. The offense looked very good in both games and the defense really seems to be a big problem as to why they are losing. The number one overall pick in the 2019 draft, Kyler Murray, has been very productive for the Cardinals offense as of late. He has started off the year pretty strong, throwing for four touchdowns and rushing for two more touchdowns over three games. He also led the comeback against the Lions in week one which eventually led to a tie. Overall, many predict that the cardinals will go 9-6-1 this season. Although that record doesn’t seem great, it is much better than last year as the cardinals went a horrible 3-13.

 Week three gave way to some great games that went down, such as the Cardinals-Panthers game, the Lions-Eagles game, the Ravens-Chiefs game, and lastly the Giants-Buccaneers game, where a rookie quarterback named Daniel Jones led the Giants to their first win of the season over a very experienced Buccaneers team. Overall, if week three was to give any insight into the rest of the season, it shows that the NFL is set to have a great 2020 season with games constantly going down to the wire.