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School on Your Computer

Online school is exactly how it sounds. It’s when you do school, but online! Online school started in 1986. They allowed students to take a course online. Since then, it has evolved. There are so many kids getting an education through the comfort of their own home. 

 However, it isn’t always online. Sometimes you have to go into a school just for a quick check-in with a teacher. They do this to make sure that you’re on the right track and doing what you need to do. About five million kids are enrolled in online school right now. There are many reasons for people to do online school. 

Of course, there’s the obvious reasons why people think of doing online school. They get to sleep in! Of course many kids would choose to do that. Not only that but they get to stay in their pajamas and be comfortable. They get to go to the bathroom and eat whenever they would like! Those aren’t the best reasons, but definitely some.

However, there are more important reasons as to why kids would want to do online school. Such as bullying, wanting to get ahead, all the way to just not wanting to wake up early! However, online school isn’t the worst idea. There are many pros to online school such as the scheduling flexibility. They get personalized learning and work at their own pace. Online students also have a wide variety of courses to choose from which can help with their future. 

However, online school isn’t for everyone. There are also cons for online school such as you don’t have as much human interaction which can lead to sadness. You also have to have access to technology. It can be hard to join sports and extracurricular activities and clubs. Finally, you are responsible for all work and getting everything done on time. 

Online school isn’t cut out for everybody, but it can be the best option for many teens. There’s many pros and cons and it all depends on the kind of person you are. It can be very helpful or one of the hardest things you’ve done!