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School Spirit

No matter who you are on Thunderbird’s campus, there’s no denying that we have school spirit! Whether it’s spirit week, a football game, or just a normal week, there is always time to show support for your wonderful school.

During spirit weeks, Student Council puts together themes for each day. These themes include things such as “Pajama Day,” “Jersey Day,” or “Country Club Day.” On each of these spirit days, students are supposed to dress according to each theme. For example, when it’s pajama day you should dress in whatever you wear to bed, so long as it’s school appropriate. These various spirit days are fun to get involved with and are even more fun when you dress up with your friends. Although the spirit days differ each spirit week, every spirit week ends with a Thunderbird High School Spirit Day, where students wear blue and orange. Derek Coles, a spirited junior on campus, says, “I think that students should dress up because it shows how amazing this school is. Although dressing up is optional, everyone should get involved!”

Although this Thunderbird spirit day may seem rare, each Friday is a spirit day at Thunderbird! Although students can just wear a normal blue or orange shirt to participate, many students purchase their own Thunderbird spirit-wear. If you are interested in buying spirit-wear, you can purchase merchandise such as t-shirts, scarves, and much more at the bookstore in the A building.

In addition, students also dress up on assembly days. Each class, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, have an assigned color in hopes to have each class stand out from one another in the bleachers. Freshman should wear white, sophomores wear orange, juniors wear blue, and seniors come adorned in black. Although, much like other spirit days, students can wear whatever they would like Students can also purchase their class’ shirt which matches the color they’re meant to wear at the assembly.

Lastly, students can even show their support for Thunderbird off campus. Students can always wear school colors off campus, but the most prominent place for school spirit is at home football games. Each home game, Student Council puts together a theme so that students can dress up. These themes include “Luau,” “Camo,” and “Black Out” among many others. During these football games, students gather in the bleacher area closest to the snack bar. This area is called the “T-Squad,” and only Thunderbird students are allowed to sit or stand in this area. It is in this section that you will see the biggest football fans and the most school spirit. Be sure to check it out at the next home game!

Although spirit days are optional, they can be quite enjoyable and they help show how amazing and fortunate we are to be a part of Thunderbird’s campus.