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Students Take on Leadership Roles

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role-always about the goal.” Student Council is a class based on teaching students how to become good leaders. Everything done in the class, from planning events such as Homecoming and school assemblies to recruiting people to donate blood for the blood drive, is to help members become better leaders. As Student Council members, these students are the leading examples of students on campus and have the pressure of trying to better the school. 

All members of Student Council have a different role depending on the committee they are in at the time, their class, and their class role. There are many different committees but only four committees that go on year-round. These are called “Standing Committees” and consist of School Spirit, Sports, Teacher Appreciation, and Team Building/Community Service. School Spirit works hard to try to improve the spirit among students and teachers. For example, this year the committee has decided to bring back “Spirit Fridays” which means a student will be picked at random each Friday and if they are wearing spirit they win five dollars. The Sports committee works to support our sports teams each season by decorating T-Squad and writing “Good Luck” notes to the players. Teacher Appreciation works to show the teachers they are appreciated by the students. For example, they often plan teacher breakfasts and try to get the teachers something on their birthday. The last committee is Team Building and Community Service. This committee works to help bond the Student Council members together more because if they can’t work well together and get along, many things would not get done. The second part of this committee is Community Service. This year the Community Service committee has stepped up and is helping the members of Student Council reach their required amount of service hours as Student Council doesn’t only serve the school but serves the community as well.

Although students are often separated into committees, Student Council has to come together for bigger events. One of the biggest events for Student Council is Homecoming. Every year Student Council has the task of planning the entire Homecoming week from activities at lunch to fun events at night every day of the week. This is one of the busiest times for Student Council and they prepare weeks in advance. Student Body President, Lauren Grimm, says, “Student Council has been working super hard at planning Homecoming week for this year! We’re super excited to put everything into action and have the hours of work pay off.” The first step to planning such big events is to brainstorm ideas for lunchtime activities and different ways to get students involved. “In Homecoming Committees, Student Council works together to put on something great for the school. We work to make a great assembly, parade, carnival, games, and especially the dance,” says Jacob Khaimov, Junior class representative. Every year for Homecoming Student Council plans an event each night of the week, these could be restaurant fundraisers or events like a movie night at school. These are to help get other students excited for the Homecoming game and dance. The members of Student Council also decorate the entire school the Friday before the week of Homecoming to try to improve the spirit for that week and make the school more spirited as well. This Friday night of decorating consists of painting the windows to hanging streamers from the ceilings of all the halls. Another thing Student Council does for Homecoming is each class makes a float for the parade. This is a great way to bond with the other members in the class and have fun. The week ends with some of the Student Council members working the football game snack bar as this is a fundraiser for Student Council and members work all home games.  

Overall, Student Council has two main goals, to grow as leaders and to raise school spirit. They put in all their effort in these things and work hard all year long.