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Swim and Dive

Thunderbird’s swim and dive team is competing in a heated meet against their respective competitors, St Mary’s and Deer Valley High School. Keslee Hofer, diver, is completing her dives perfectly. Her scores are high, but so are the other diver’s scores. Luckily, her back dive was executed flawlessly. After six intense dives, the dive competition is completed. It is announced that Keslee received first place!

Thunderbird’s swim and dive team is destroying the opposition. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams are undefeated. The boys’ score of their first meet was 136, while Shadow Mountain had a score of 118 and Camelback had a score of 9. Moreover, the Thunderbird girls team finished with a score of 168, while Shadow Mountain had a score of 68 and Camelback had a score of 10. Coach Puma claimed, “I think we are all ahead of schedule and our winning record reflects that.”

Furthermore, the diving team did just as well as the swim team did. Anna Gauthier, sophomore, received second place and Keslee Hofer, sophomore, received first place. The constant practice and determination is paying off for both swimmers and divers. 

The swim and dive team practices every week day from 3:00 P.M.-4:45 P.M. The swimmers complete various sets. The coaches like to have them complete kick and pull sets, distance and sprint workouts, and much more. Keslee Hofer said the following about dive practices. “We do drills that help with our hurdles and our different dives. We also do some conditioning with our abs to get a strong core. Then, we practice our dives or learn new ones.”

Although swim and dive is commonly described as an individual, the team is growing closer and closer. As a result of team bonding, each individual competitor is cheering one another on. The support of teammates is a tremendous motivation for all swimmers and divers. Jenna Williams, sophomore swimmer, stated, “My favorite thing about swimming is the teamwork and how we all help each other out.”

Robby Lowery and Lauren Grimm are the 2019 team captains. Both swimmers have been actively swimming on varsity for the past two years. They each show incredible determination, passion, and helpfulness that all leaders should obtain.

Good luck to all swim and dive team members. Their hard work is definitely paying off, which is making their fellow Chiefs extremely proud.