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Witch Better Have My Candy

Whether you go trick-or-treating, go to a Halloween party, or stay in and pass out candy, there is a large chance that you’ve indulged in some Halloween-time sweets. There are so many types of candies or little treats that people hand out or fill their bowls with, but do people really like them all? As with most things, there are always crowd favorites and not-so-favorites. People who hand out candy or provide it at parties should be informed as to which candy is the most popular amongst the enjoyers of said candy so that they can best spread the spooky season good energy.

Some of the top-dog candies include M&M’s, Snickers, Kit Kat, and Skittles. Most of them are chocolate candy, which seems to be a fan favorite. Skittles are a classic and are always a fruity, good taste. Kids usually also like sour candy such as Sour Punch Straws or sour lollipops. Buy. the big bags of candy at the grocery store with the chocolates listed above and maybe some hard, fruity candies such as Jolly Ranchers and AirHeads. Butterfingers and Nerds are also really good choices that most people seem to enjoy greatly. As a basic rule, most people prefer blue colored or blue raspberry flavored candy. Blue Jolly Ranchers and blue Dumb Dumbs, which are small lollipops, are examples of blue candy that most people choose. Chips and Rice Krispies Treats are uncommon as treats given out to Trick-or-Treaters, but boy do they love them. Because they aren’t typically given out, they’re also great to get.Image result for halloween candy

Some of the treats that aren’t as popular are fruit snacks and pretzels. They’re yummy, but many people choose to splurge on Halloween and eat the candy that they don’t usually get to eat during the rest of the year. Many would choose to eat a little bit sweeter treats than fruit snacks. It seems that many of the Halloween themed candies such as the chocolate circles that are wrapped in a tin foil that looks like an eyeball and mellowcreme pumpkins usually don’t get eaten and aren’t picked the most. Candy corn seems to created a split between people. Many are hard-core, die-hard candy corn fans that could eat a whole bag in one sitting if no one stopped them. The other half of people despise candy corn and find it to be too sweet and don’t like the taste. Candy corn seems to just depend on the person. 

Halloween candy and treats are a huge part of the Halloween, autumn spirit. Good or bad candy decides whether a Trick-or-treat outing has been successful and whether or not guests at a Halloween party are satisfied. Picking good candy that everyone can enjoy is vital for a fun and memorable Halloween season.