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The 2019 Homecoming Dance

It’s finally that time again. Homecoming is finally here and no one was able to contain their excitement. Homecoming is all everyone was talking about.

Now that Homecoming has come, everyone was very anxious, and over the years, student council has come up with great themes. This year’s theme was just wonderful. This year’s theme was “Pixar Paradise.” “Homecoming was the night for everyone to have fun and dance all night with their friends, creating great memories,” says Ms. Pavlik. “Pixar Paradise” was the ultimate theme for Homecoming, and with this great theme it was nothing short of amazing. “We thought this theme was something that everyone could enjoy here at Thunderbird High School,” says Jacob Khaimov. Homecoming is a special night for many people and it’s something that many people want to have fun and make great memories. 

Homecoming was Saturday, October 19th from 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. and everyone was ready. So many people came and had so much fun. It was a big success. “Homecoming is something that many students look forward to in the beginning of the year. Seeing the excitement in the students’ faces is something great,” says Ms. Escudero. 

Not only was Homecoming a great success but so was the Homecoming parade and the carnival. The Homecoming parade was an event at school where the Homecoming royalty was presented, along with the football and cheer team, band, and student council. With the amazing turnout of all of these great events, it made Homecoming better for everyone who went. “Homecoming was very exciting for me. I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends and taking pictures. There was so much to do There was a lot of dancing and laughing. I can’t wait until the next dance,” states Kenya Thomson. Many people had a lot of fun throughout the entire dance and can’t wait until the next one to have even more fun.