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Badminton Ends 2019 Season

This year’s badminton season has sadly come to an end. The team had a great season, gaining new experiences and getting better as it went on. Badminton coaches Ms. Pavlik and Mr. Mearig were great coaches for these wonderful players and allowed for their growth throughout the season. The girls played well, had great experiences on and off the court together as a team, and had a great season.

Near the wrap-up of the badminton season, the team joined with the teachers and had a student-teacher badminton tournament. Each badminton player chose a teacher as their partner to have a friendly competition against other partners. The teachers and students really enjoyed this day because it’s fun to show off some badminton talents and see what the teachers are hiding under their sleeves. They played a fierce, fun, friendly game.

With the end of the season comes the end of the team for this year. The players had spent a few months practicing everyday and playing games together. After spending all of the practices and away-game bus rides together, the team grew very close. They grew close, grew as people, and grew as players. The seniors played their last badminton game, but their memories of playing will never be forgotten. Maddy Slayer, a sophomore in badminton, says, “I’m sad I won’t be able to play with the seniors again next year, but I’m glad I had such an amazing experience with them.”

Badminton is not just about winning. This season has proved that it is about friends, experiences, exercise, and being involved with your school. The players had a great season where they got to show off their many skills and grow closer as a team. This season has come to a close, but now it is time to look forward to the new season and all of the new friendships, experiences, and growth it brings.