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Cross Country District Meet

The Cross Country District Meet came and went with the speed of many fast cross country runners, all fighting for the top place. “I really liked it. It was fun!” exclaims Andrea Lopez, an open girls medalist, happy to explain her view on the Washington School district meet. “The run was fun but it was so hot,” adds Will Gonzales.      

 Thunderbird completely dominated in the competition, with Brey Egan and Ellie St. Clair coming in fourth and second for the varsity girls, as well as Jaylen coming in fifteenth. “I liked how close to home it seemed, it made everything more comfortable,” adds in yet another enthusiastic runner. Both JV and Varsity had a great time, with varsity having to run three miles, and JV having to run two. Both people who medaled and people who didn’t had a great time at district as varsity becomes more and more ready for sectionals. Nearly eleven schools competed in this amazing race, making it one to remember for both the persistent runners, and the loud crowd that cheered them on. As for the awe inspiring boys races, several of them medaled, including Jaun, Alex, and Will for the boys’ varsity, and Austin for boys open. Once again, these amazing runners continue to show their thunderbird colors through running. These fast athletes constantly show that in cross country, it’s not how fast you run, but how long you run fast.