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The Story of Landon Higgins

Landon Higgins is a senior at Thunderbird High School and has attended the school for four years. He is on the Honors/AP track and has managed to maintain great grades throughout his four years in high school. He also plays basketball and has been on the team for all four years as well. He is currently the varsity captain for Boys Basketball and displays his excellent leadership skills on the court as well as in the classroom. Landon is the Student Government Vice President as well this year, and has been in Stugo for about 3 years. Landon also is very involved in extracurricular activities outside of school such as YoungLife and his work with various charitable organizations through Stugo and other sources.

 “I really enjoy Stugo. It gives me a creative outlet at school when I get to speak at assemblies or when we make the posters for the school. It has also offered many experiences that I might not have been able to have been a part of without Stugo.”

Landon came to Thunderbird as a freshman and claimed that it was very different than the school he had previously attended for the past eight years. He said that he loved making new friends and that it was an easy transition from his old school. As a senior, Landon claims that he wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for high school and has absolutely loved his four years here at Thunderbird. 

Landon has a large role in most school sports. He is the T-Squad leader for every sport except basketball. He always makes sure to hype the crowd up when teams need support, and does a great job at keeping morale high when teams aren’t doing so hot.

Sports and Landon seem to go very well together. Other than basketball, Landon won the spikeball tournament and has also played football here at Thunderbird. Basketball is Landon’s main sport. He is a three year varsity player and has been a captain for the past 2 years. As the season is coming to a start, he is trying to get everyone excited so we can get a large student section at the games. He averaged 15 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists last year as a junior starter, which really contributed to the team’s success and the success they are having as of late.

Overall, Landon is the ideal Thunderbird student and is a great role model for people to consider looking up to as they go through their time at Thunderbird High School.