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Skip Thanksgiving This Year!

It’s now the time of year where one has to decide whether or not to jump straight to Christmas or celebrate Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate your family and loved ones, but Christmas is an entire season full of that! Who wouldn’t want to elongate the best season of the year?

Christmas and Thanksgiving have several very important things in common; family and food! Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday to stuff your face and show thanks for your family. Christmas isn’t just a day like Thanksgiving is, it’s an entire season of cheer! There’s music and decorations and movies galore! It gives you an excuse to cuddle up next to a fire while appreciating all that you have in life! 

Skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas because they’re basically the same things anyway. Put up those lights early and don’t hesitate to spread your holiday cheer! This article is very bad. I’m so sorry. Merry Christmas!