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Friends Swap Styles for a Week

Lizzie’s Perspective: 

I was tasked with dressing Mia for the week which was hands down the best part of the experience because I got to see my style from an outside perspective. I got to pick out five outfits that I felt displayed my contrasting sporty/girly moods. The first day was especially fun because the outfit I put together consisted of a makeshift Gucci shirt plastered with my face on it, paired with a soft white-and-black checkerboard pattern skirt, and finished off with a bright red snow jacket-it was quite the statement piece and very fun to watch Mia walk around with my face on her. Unfortunately, being dressed by Megan was not nearly as enjoyable as getting to dress Mia. It wasn’t that I disliked what Megan gave me to wear, the clothes were honestly quite cute, relatively comfortable, and weren’t even far off from things I would wear myself. Yet, I found myself uncomfortable wearing someone else’s clothes. In a weird way, imitating someone else’s style made me feel like I lost a certain sense of expression. My style has always been whatever I want it to be, I wear whatever makes me feel confident-even if it’s somewhat out there. Having to dress a certain way took away that weird sense of individuality I realize I experience with the way I dress. All in all I really appreciated that I did this “experiment” with Megan and Mia because it showed me that I need to always be myself with regards to style. Through this experience, I found out that trying to dress in any way that’s not me will only make me lose a little piece of confidence no matter how cute I may or may not look, and will inevitably leave me feeling uncomfortable in someone else’s shoes. 


Mia’s Perspective:

I had the amazing opportunity to dress Megan for the week which was very exciting because it was fun to see Megan in clothes so out of her comfort zone. Picking out what she was going to wear was quite a challenge for me because while picking I realized how much my style has changed recently and some of the outfits I put Megan in I realized I wouldn’t really wear anymore, the outfits were definitely things I would have put together in the past but not now. This was eye-opening for me and gave me a great opportunity to really take inspiration from how Lizzie dressed me. Seeing Megan in my clothes made me see my style from a different view and was interesting. Lizzie dressing me was so fun and really brought me out of my comfort zone. Some of the outfits she would wear are things I would have never put myself in. Although I love the way Lizzie dresses I could have never seen myself in the same pieces. Getting to dress like her for that week gave me a new found confidence and has definitely inspired me to be more outgoing in my sense of style and with my personality. Overall, I think I am still figuring out what my real style is and this challenge helped me try some new things and inspired me to be able to find a style I will feel and look good in.


Megan’s perspective: 

When the three of us first agreed on swapping styles for an entire week, I have to admit I was kind of nervous. I knew that no matter who dressed me I was going to be pushed out of my comfort zone because we all have incredibly different styles. It was exciting, but still a little nerve wracking, to be able to dress Lizzie for the week seeing as I have a much more casual style than her. Being dressed by Mia for the week was an overall enjoyable experience even though there were one or two outfits that I felt uncomfortable in at times. I was also surprised to see that some of the outfits Mia had chosen for me were closer to my normal style than I would have initially assumed. If I were to take anything away from this experience it would be that even though this experiment was somewhat of an emotional roller coaster it was a great way for me to expand my horizons when it comes to my style. All in all, if you are looking for a fun way to change up your clothes swap styles with your friends.