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Glendale Glitters

Imagine this, you just finished holiday shopping with your family and friends, and now you’re getting ready to get cozy with some blankets while eating delicious gingerbread cookies while watching a live performance. Sounds nice? Well, you might get the chance to do that if you attend Glendale Glitters. Every winter, Glendale Glitters, a spectacular and luminous event, occurs in downtown Glendale. This event occurs every night, 5-10 PM, from November 29th to January 11th. When attending Glendale Glitters, Arizonans are able to sightsee historic downtown Glendale lit up with colorful holiday lights, while being able to shop or eat at all the unique stores the area has to offer. 

This event is ideal for not only adults, but children as well. While adults shop for Christmas gifts, kids can meet Santa Claus and can attend a fun Home Depot Kids Workshop. Then, families can gather around the Glendale Glitters stage, while eating a delicious meal and watching a live performance. Families are even able to ride in a horse carriage while seeing all of the 1.6 million lights around historic Glendale.

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Unique and local shops including The Astrology Store, Bears & More, Pink House Maiden, Tangled Roots Botanicals, and many more shops will have you leaving with a rare and precious gift. Delicious local food venders’ such as A Touch of European Cafe, Coyote Oatie, Papa Ed’s Ice Cream, and so many more restaurants are guaranteed to give you a tasty treat. An anonymous student stated, “Last year at Glendale Glitters, I got to ride in a horse carriage with my family and it was magical.” Whatever you may be interested in, Glendale Glitters will most likely have an activity for you.

The main goals of this event is to bring families and friends closer together while getting the ultimate holiday lights experience and supporting local vendors in Arizona. This annual event was created 26 years ago, and is still attracting many Arizonans to this day. Frequent Glendale Glitters attender, Ann Bonnette, states, “My first impression of Glendale Glitters was that of ‘Story Book Magic.’ Let your hearts be filled with excitement as you watch people of all ages and backgrounds participate in viewing this wonderland of lights and the thrill of it all. I hope that anyone who decides to attend Glendale Glitters is filled with Christmas magic.”

This winter, do not forget to attend Glendale Glitters to be able to spend some quality time with your family and friends, and to be able to cross this spectacular event off of your winter bucket list. If you attend, do not forget to snap a picture by the famous and profound Christmas tree!