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Netflix Adopts Childhood Favorites

On Friday, November 1st, the news spread like wildfire of the two new additions of childhood classics to Netflix. Every kid that grew up watching Victorious and Sam and Cat jumped onto Netflix and saw the familiar faces of the characters on two childhood shows. By scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, it is apparent that this generation reminisces quite frequently on our shared childhood and this new addition to Netflix is bringing up old memories of watching these glorious shows.

Victorious, originally aired in March 2010, became a popular Nickelodeon show. Three of the four seasons are now available on Netflix. The show is about six talented students, the main character being Tori Vega played by Victoria Justice, at a high school in California called Hollywood Arts. They are usually always starring in plays at their school or doing creative activities that an arts school would entail and Tori Vega is somehow always getting into trouble or causing trouble, usually by accident. Looking back at the show, it is a little random, such as the weird things that Cat Valentine, played by Ariana Grande, blurts out. Older kids who are watching the show now are watching it more for nostalgia than a cinematic masterpiece. 

Another popular kids show, Sam and Cat, also became available on Netflix, which really made the Generation Z kids happy. This show is an epic crossover T.V. show where Sam Pucket, played by Jeanette McCurdy, and Cat Valentine meet each other, become best friends, and live together. Sam Pucket was a rough and tough main character in iCarly, another popular Nickelodeon show, and Cat Valentine is from Victorious. This mashup came out almost a year after iCarly ended, which made fans happy to see one of their favorite characters, Sam Pucket, come back onto screen life.  This is another show that nostalgic bingers can enjoy, no matter their age.

The resurgence of these shows has spread to social media fast. Every Instagram TikTok feed is rich in memes and and acknowledgements of the shows. Even the cast members of Victorious have posted about their past show coming onto Netflix, including all six of the main characters. Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies, who played Jade West, performed on stage one of their most memorable duets that they had performed during an episode very recently. Videos of this have been spread around social media and it has made fans reminisce even harder.