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Zoo Lights

If you have lived in Phoenix for most of your life, you have most likely heard of Zoo Lights. Zoo Lights is an event which takes place each and every year around the holidays. However, in case you have not heard of this event, there is information that you should know.

This event takes place at the Phoenix Zoo. This year, it will be from November 27-January 19, from 5:30 P.M.-10:30 P.M. It features hundreds of light up attractions for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Some of the most famous attractions, especially among children, are a talking giraffe and a talking tortoise. However, it would be a crime to exclude the icy slide that gives both children and adults a thrill. As Thunderbird sophomore, Marley Baker, says, “Although I haven’t been to Zoo Lights in several years, I remember having so much fun! It really got me in the holiday mood.” Another sophomore, Kailey Smith, says, “It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Zoo Lights, but just the thought of it puts me in a good mood! I love the holidays!” Zoo Lights includes over 4 million lights and over 700 light up sculptures for guests to enjoy. Phoenix Zoo puts on this fundraiser each and every year with help from the Zoo Lights team. This zoo is non-profit, and relies on the money it receives from guests, thus making Zoo Lights very useful for the Phoenix Zoo.

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There are many tips and tricks that fans of Zoo Lights offer. They recommend arriving an hour or so after 5:30, so that you beat the rush of guests with their young children trying to get in early. They also say to dress accordingly. Although Arizona is far warmer than most areas at this time of year, once the sun sets over the mountains it can get quite chilly. It is recommended that you at least bring a sweater with you if you choose to go. Lastly, it can be useful to bring your own lights. Although flashlights are not allowed, you can bring a small glow light so that you are not surrounded by darkness when the sun sets.

In the end, Zoo Lights is a fun event that the zoo uses to better care for its animals.  This event can be fun for the whole family, so be sure to join in on the festivities. Happy holidays, and stay warm!