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Girls Soccer Goes 2-1 Into 2020

The new winter sports season has come upon us, and our girls soccer team is ready. Last year, they led the section and were semifinalists in the AIA girls soccer state playoffs. With 14-1 overall stats, this team is destined for success this year.

Their first game was on the fifth of December in Apache Junction. The girls won this away game against Apache Junction, with a lead of 3-1. They also had another on the tenth of December in Flagstaff. In a close game against Flagstaff, we lost by one point. The final score being 3-2.   Adessa Correa and Britton Kerby both scored a point that game. Their first home game was the 12th against Washington. On December 12th, our girls soccer team dominated in a game against Washington. We won 7-1.

Our next game is against Prescott, an undefeated team with 3-0 overall stats. The game will be played at Prescott High School. Our next home game will be on the 21st of January against Cactus High School.