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Cyber Monday’s Tech Deals

Yet again, the conclusion of the year is just around the corner and, with it, came the holidays with all the juicy deals on retail products they bring ranging from food to bathroom supplies to enormous flat screen T.V.s that would normally be double the price. Nearly every major retail chain, even including online shopping stores, participate in this extreme sales event commonly known as Black Friday in late November and, soon after, Cyber Monday.

Initially, it may seem overwhelming, but if you are a tech person it is imperative to be aware of the deals on technology and devices that are presented during these events. T.V.s, phones, computer parts; you name it, there’s a deal on it.

Looking for PC parts? One can expect to find many low prices for new computer parts including CPUs, motherboards, and especially GPUs in places like Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, and more. Best Buy, for example, had deals on PC parts ranging up to $100 off with one example being the i7-9700k CPU, a piece of hardware usually worth around $400 , being sold on the Best Buy site for $70 less, a hefty sum when it comes to buying PC components. Laptops and Chromebooks could be found for up to $100 off as well.

On Amazon, one can expect to find a wide variety of home appliances up to 50% off as well as good deals on many other miscellaneous items such as phone cases, cameras, headphones, roombas, etc.

When buying new tech, it is imperative to be price watching considering most items can easily go far into the hundreds and are rarely in high demand with frequent sales. Knowing this, it should also be kept in mind that prices on these items are almost always drastically reduced during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday time frames. Frankly, if you’re looking to buy an expensive new computer or T.V., Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a very convenient time to consider buying.