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Boys Basketball Defeat Greenway Demons for 10-8 Record

Last time, the Boys Basketball team defeated the Mohave Thunderbirds in a 61-48 victory, ending 2019 with a record of 5-0. Over the winter break, the Chiefs participated in the Judy Dixon Boys Basketball Tournament which was hosted by Greenway. In this event, the team faced off against three teams. On December 26th, Thunderbird went up against Peoria High School for the first game of the tournament. Unfortunately, the Chiefs lost to the Peoria Panthers in a 54-73 defeat. A day later, the Chiefs went up against the Flagstaff Eagles and lost in a narrow 54-64 defeat. However, on December 28th, the boys defeated the Alhambra Lions in a 66-47 victory. After the tournament, the team began to prepare itself for 2020 and the second half of the season. 

On January 7th, 2020, the Chiefs started the second half of the season, facing off with Mesquite High School. The team wanted to start the new year on a high note. Unfortunately, the Mesquite Wildcats had other plans. While the Chiefs gave it their all, the Wildcats constantly kept ahead of Thunderbird scorewise. In the end, Mesquite defeated Thunderbird in a 43-68 victory. Defeated but still standing, the Chiefs were determined to redeem themselves. Two days later, the boys hosted the Tempe Buffaloes at home for the second home game of 2020. The Chiefs battled with the Buffaloes over four quarters. The two teams constantly jostled for supremacy. Ultimately, Thunderbird defeated Tempe in a 55-31 victory. Hoping to continue their good fortune, the Chiefs traveled to Flagstaff High School two days later hoping to win another game. Unfortunately, the Flagstaff Eagles defeated the Thunderbird Chiefs in a close 54-55 victory. Three days later, the Chiefs’ fortunes remained unchanged when the Moon Valley Rockets gave the team another defeat on January 14th, the final score being 51-66. However, the Chiefs’ fortunes changed.

The boys hosted the Bradshaw Mountain Bears at home and the team was determined to gain a victory. The Chiefs fought the Bears fiercely and with vigor. In the end, Thunderbird defeated Bradshaw Mountain in a 52-40 victory. Moreover, the boys defeated the Shadow Mountain Matadors in a close victory of 59-51. On January 21st, the Chiefs faced off against St. Mary’s and unfortunately lost to the Knights in a 48-63 defeat. Furthermore, the Chiefs were defeated by the Greenway Demons at home in a 58-64 upset. Nevertheless, the boys came back when they defeated the Tempe Buffaloes in a 53-47 victory. Two days later, the team went up against the Moon Valley Rockets for a second time and for another time, the Rockets defeated the Chiefs in a 66-74 victory. On February 4th, the Chiefs also lost to the Shadow Mountain Matadors in a 46-77 defeat. Furthermore, the Chiefs lost to St. Mary’s once more in a 51-72 defeat. Nevertheless, the boys traveled to Greenway High School determined to win one more game. The game was tremendously exciting and a nail-biter. In the end, the Chiefs defeated the Demons in a close 60-57 victory.

Jahon Lethridge going up to make a basket while a Shadow Mountain player tries to stop him
Waylon England attempting to make a basket during the St. Mary’s game

As a result, the Chiefs have an overall record of 10-8, are ranked 14th in the 4A Division and fourth in the 4A Skyline rankings. The Chiefs have ended the 2019-2020 season on a high note and now hope to do even better in the future.