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Boys Soccer Ends Season with 7-5 Record

Last we left off, the Boys Soccer team ended 2019 with a 0-3 record with the Glendale Cardinals defeating the Chiefs in a 0-1 victory. Over winter break, the boys prepared themselves for the second half of the season and were ready to dominate in 2020.

On January 14th, 2020, the Chiefs hosted Prescott High School at home for the first ever soccer game of 2020. The boys gave it their all and in the end defeated the Prescott Badgers in a 3-0 victory. The boys achieved their goal of starting 2020 off with a win. Three days later, the Chiefs hosted Apache Junction at home and had the same result when they played Prescott. The Chiefs defeated the Apache Junction Prospectors at home in a 4-1 landslide victory. Four days later, the Chiefs defeated the Cactus Cobras in an astonishing 7-0 victory over the opposition. On January 23rd, the Chiefs hosted the Yuma Criminals at home, hoping to extend their three-game winning streak. Fortunately, the boys did just that. Thunderbird defeated the Yuma Criminals in a stunning 5-0 victory, sending the Criminals back home defeated.

Lincoln Buule tries to keep the soccer ball away from his Yuma counterpart

On January 28th, the boys traveled to Tempe High School to face off with the Tempe Buffaloes, eager to add another victory to their belt. Unfortunately, the Buffaloes ended those hopes. In a close 1-2 game, the Thunderbird Chiefs were defeated by the Tempe Buffaloes, ending the team’s four-game winning streak. Nevertheless, the boys held their heads high and promised to make up for their loss. Two days later, the team hosted the Moon Valley Rockets at home. The boys were ready to gain another victory and they did just that. The boys defeated the Moon Valley Rockets in a 2-0 victory. Moreover, the team defeated the Greenway Demons on February 3rd, winning the match-up with a score of 2-0. While the Chiefs did lose to the Shadow Mountain Matadors in a 1-3 upset a day later, the boys made up the loss by defeating St. Mary’s on February 6th in a 3-1 victory.

The Thunderbird Chiefs ended the 2019-2020 season with an overall record of 7-5, a ranking of 21st in the 4A Division, and a ranking of third in the 4A Skyline Division. While the boys are sad that the season is over, they hope to have an even better season next year, preparing themselves for even more fierce battles with the opposition.