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Girls Soccer Ends Season with 10-2 Record

Our Girls Soccer team has done great this season. On average, they have an overall score of 3-2 for each game and two of our players have been named player of the game. They dominated their last home game against Glendale with a final score of 7-1. They also won their home game against Apache Junction, which is when Diane Garcia was named “Player of the Game.” She’s a sophomore on Varsity, her number is 17 on the field, and has one point and has three assists. Our other “Player of the Game” was Sharon Piedrahita. She was given this title for their away game against Prescott. So far, they have lost against Prescott on January 16th. Just recently, on December 21st, our team defeated Cactus High School. With a win of 5-1 and goals made by some of our star players, Thunderbird can put another win in the books. Also, in their last home game we wiped the floor with the opposing team. It was an incredible last game for our seniors on the team. The ending score was 8-1. The regular season has now ended, and the soccer team has had a great run. We only lost two games out of the 12 we played.

Sharon Piedrahita going for the soccer ball