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Is Coachella Really Worth the Hype?

Coachella is an annual music festival held in Coachella Valley, California where various artists perform their hit songs. It was started in 1999 by two men named Paul Tollet and Rick Van Santan. Over time, it has become one of the most popular music festivals in the United States. Many well-known artists, as well as new artists, perform at the festival. Coachella has music for everyone’s taste: rock, pop music, independent music, hip-hop music, and electronic dance music. There are several stages across the grounds that are playing live music all the time. Coachella also provides many fun activities such as vintage markets, art studios, and a ferris wheel. They also display multiple art pieces and sculptures to bring back an appreciation for the arts. Ticket prices can range from $400-$500 per person and the festival is a three day experience. Although, some people do say that things can get quite expensive inside the grounds, such as food, drinks, and other things that are not included in your ticket. This year, Coachella will be held April 10th-12th and 17th-19th. 

Gabriel N. on Yelp says, “As you can probably already tell, there’s something for everyone, which is what makes this music festival so great. The venue itself is really cool. Parking was a breeze since they have actual cops directing traffic.” Mckenzie Pendergrass from Insider states, “They had everything from corn-dogs to ramen, but almost none of it lived up to the hype. It didn’t help that a simple corn-dog cost $11 and $14 if you wanted a foot-long. By my estimation, that’s $1 per bite. There were only two drink offerings by the larger stages with all the big acts, and even those cost $11 a pop.”

 As you can see, some say that Coachella is a waste of money and time. Even though Coachella may not have the best food, they still have many activities to do. After all, Coachella isn’t necessarily about the food, it’s about the music and arts. Yet there are tons of other people saying they have the best time there and they can’t wait to go each year. Personally, Coachella seems very worth the price because there is so much to do. It gives a platform to new, emerging artists which is how most people discover their new favorite artists. It is a great way to spend time with friends and explore your taste in music.